Actaris FM3-11M 4 Dattus Meter with Digital Display 4" Flange

Actaris FM3-11M 4 Dattus Meter with Digital Display 4" Flange
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Actaris FM3-11M 4 Dattus Meter with Digital Display 4" Flange

Actaris FM3-11M 4 Dattus Meter with Digital Display 4" Flange

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Building upon its proven lineage, Itron is proud to introduce the third-generation DATTUS, a solid-state gas meter suited for commercial and industrial gas measurement applications. The DATTUS III is built upon an electronics platform that includes a new solid chip thermal sensor, built-in temperature compensation, and datalogging as capabilities–standard.

The DATTUS meter uses fluidic oscillation technology. With no moving parts, the DATTUS meter is ideal for applications where continuous gas flow to the customer is required.

The DATTUS III incorporates a new sensor technology with a solid chip design. The sensor is encapsulated in glass but sensitive enough to detect gas oscillations critical for measurement. The glass coating offers excellent resistance to all types of solid and liquid contaminants.

Meter Type Options
Basic – Offers uncorrected measurement along with fixed-factor capability
Basic TC – Same as Basic, but programmed to include temperature compensation

Operational Advantages
Safety – Because the DATTUS uses solid-state technology, the meter cannot “lock up” or stop gas flow. This may be necessary in some applications such as gas measurement for hospitals, schools, or other applications where continuous gas service may be critical

Robustness – The DATTUS meter may be subjected to many times its rated capacity without any damage to the meter; only an alarm is displayed letting the user know the meter was in an “overflow” condition. The DATTUS will measure normally once the flow is back within its operating range. With the new and improved solid sensor chip technology, the likelihood of damage from contamination is significantly reduced

Application – Without mechanical elements impeding gas flow, the meter performs very well in applications where slam-shut or slam-open loads are created because of the downstream equipment used

Ease of Installation – Having completely aligned flanges is not necessary, nor is leveling of the meter. Neither torsion on the meter case or a non-level setting will affect meter performance

Low Maintenance – Since the DATTUS meter doesn’t have any rotating or moving parts, there are no associated maintenance requirements, such as oil changes that may be required for other meter types. Batteries are the only regular maintenance item for DATTUS, with battery life expectancy at nine to ten years for the DATTUS Basic and Basic TC models

  • Static measurement technology
  • Built-in temperature compensation
  • Data logging standard
  • Four channels of configurable pulse outputs
  • Capacity sizes from 8C to 56M
  • Field upgradable meter capacity without service interruption
  • 9-10 year battery life
  • Configurable index orientation
  • MODBUS communication
  • Programmable fixed pressure compensation
  • Highly robust sensor design

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