Maxitrol R400Z 3/8" NPT Series Zero Governor Regulators

Maxitrol R400Z 3/8" NPT Series Zero Governor Regulators
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Maxitrol R400Z 3/8" NPT Series Zero Governor Regulators

Maxitrol R400Z 3/8" NPT Series Zero Governor Regulators

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Maxitrol Zero Governor Regulator

The R & RS series is intended for use with both main burner and pilot load applications. The double diaphragm balanced valve design makes it possible to build a regulator physically small in size yet having good capacity characteristics. They are able to maintain steady outlet pressure control with widely varying inlet pressures. The high quality molded balancing diaphragm eliminates the inlet pressure effect acting on the valve. The housings are rugged aluminum die castings. All internal components are carefully selected and corrosion resistant. The diaphragms are of high quality supported synthetic rubber components having excellent low temperature performance. The RS models incorporate a resilient chemically bonded synthetic rubber ring on the valve member. The soft seating insures satisfactory pilot control at inlet pressures up to 5 psi.

These regulators are ideally suited for use with infrared heaters and pilot lines on large industrial heaters and boilers. They may also be used in residential applications. Because of their high pressure drop capacities, both the R & RS models will operate satisfactorily on domestic as well as elevated pressures. Appliances may be shipped to any area having supply pressures from 7.0\'\' W.C. to 5 psi without changing regulators.

They find wide applications on commercial and industrial equipment, especially where precise outlet pressure accuracy is required. Any of the R models can be furnished for zero governor applications.


  • Maximum Inlet Pressures: CSA Certified All R & RS models - 1/2 psi (34 mbar) Maxitrol Tested R400, R500, & R600 - 1.0 psi (69 mbar) R400S, R500S & R600S - 5.0 psi (345 mbar)
  • Emergency Exposure Limits: R400, R500, R600 - 2.0 psi (138 mbar) R400S, R500S, & R600S - 12.5 psi (862 mbar)
  • Ambient Temperature Limits: R400, R500, R600, R400S, R500S, & R600S - -400° to 205°F (-400° to 960°C) Venting: 1/8\'\' NPT
  • Gases: Natural, manufactured, mixed, liquified petroleum or LP gas-air mixutre
  • Mounting: Suitable for multiple-poise mounting. Mount with flow direction as marked on bottom casting.
  • Design features include: Sensitive Diaphragm Single Pole Double Throw (SPDT) Snap Action Switch Visible On-Off Indicator Five range scales available from .07\'\' W.C. to a maximum 35\'\' W.C. Maximum Pressure Surge: 3 psi
  • Maximum Ambient Temperature: 140°F Minimum Ambient Temperature: -40°F * CSA Approved * UL Approved

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