Maxitrol RV48LT-3/4 Regulator 3/4" W/ Limiter Hi-Temperature

Maxitrol RV48LT-3/4 Regulator 3/4" W/ Limiter Hi-Temperature
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Maxitrol RV48LT-3/4 Regulator 3/4" W/ Limiter Hi-Temperature Maxitrol RV48LT-3/4 Rubber Seat Poppet Gas Regulator 3/4" NPT Maxitrol  RV48LT-3/4 Gas Regulator 3-6" W.C 1/2 PSI Maxitrol RV48LT-3/4 Gas Regulator 3/4" NPT with Integral Vent Limiting Orifice

Maxitrol RV48LT-3/4 Regulator 3/4" W/ Limiter Hi-Temperature

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These rubber seat poppet type regulators are designed primarily for main burner and pilot load applications where precise control of tiny flows is an essential operating requirement.

The RV48 model may be used with either a 12A04 ball check device, or a 12A06 fixed orifice vent limiting device. Vent limiters are designed for use indoors and in spaces where limiting the amount of gas escapement due to diaphragm failure is critical. Vent limiters are not to be used outdoors if they are exposed to the environment.
Maxitrol rubber seat poppet models offer the ultimate in design features and performance capabilities to meet specific appliance or utility requirements.


  • Has an integral vent limiting orifice as the breather hole
  • Has a model variation for operating at higher ambient temperatures
  • Housings are of high strength aluminum die castings
  • All models, with the exception of D suffix models, have been tested for multi-poise mounting and may be installed in any plane or angle without restriction
  • Suitable for usage with natural, manufactured, mixed, LP, or LP gas-air mixture.
Connection Size 3/4"
Connection Type NPT
Maximum Inlet Pressure 1/2 PSI
Outlet Pressure 3-6" WC
Ambient Temperature 32F to 275F (0C to 135C)
Regulator Type Rubber Seat Poppet
Housing Material Aluminum Die Cast
Valve Type Two-Way

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