Sensus (Rockwell-Equimeter) 121-12-BP-2 Back Pressure Regulator 2"

Sensus (Rockwell-Equimeter) 121-12-BP-2 Back Pressure Regulator 2"
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Sensus (Rockwell-Equimeter) 121-12-BP-2 Back Pressure Regulator 2" Sensus 121-12-BP-2 2" Back Press Regulator

Sensus (Rockwell-Equimeter) 121-12-BP-2 Back Pressure Regulator 2"

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Sensus 121 Back Pressure Regulator

Model 121 is an innovative spring regulator coupled with spring regulator dependability, simplicity, and economy. Technological enhancement with contemporary design offers benefits of greater capacity, higher inlet pressure, more accurate performance, and faster response, all these outstanding features provide economy of using smaller regulator for most of the jobs.
The faster response allows using Model 121 Regulator for commercial and industrial applications such as:
  • Burner
  • Boilers
  • Furnaces
  • Air Heaters
  • Kilns
  • Gas Engines.
 Model 121 can also be used as a large commercial or industrial capacity supply regulator, or as a small district regulator. Another unique benefit of Model 121 is its excellent performance for both primary control or monitoring. Model 121 Regulator is Compatible with natural gas, propane, LPG, air nitrogen, etc. Special material is available for certain corrosive gases. 121-12 Regulator can withstand a maximum pressure of 20 PSI.

An outstanding feature of the 121 is large capacity and at higher inlet pressure it is necessary to increase the size of the outlet piping. Please refer to the eclosed technical data sheet for pipe size guidelines.

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