Watts 0794151 Repair Kit

Watts 0794151 Repair Kit
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Watts 0794151 Repair Kit Watts 0794151 Total Relief Valve Kit for Series 909 Reduced Pressure Zone Assemblies

Watts 0794151 Repair Kit

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The Watts 0794151 (LFRK 909-VT) Total Relief Valve Kit is for use with 4-6" Series 909 Reduced Pressure Assembly and 8-10" Series 909M1 Reduced Pressure Assembly.  The kit consists of a diaphragm, disc & piston assembly, seat, seat O-ring, adapter O-ring, and lubricant.  Model 909M1 with a size range of 4"-10" includes bottom plug and spring assembly.

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You do not list that it comes with the bottom plug and spring assembly but it shows it in the picture. So I need to know if it does indeed come with the pug and spring.
Asked on Jul 16, 2018 by Dennis from WI
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All the relief valve kits in this series for valves that rebuild 4" to 10" valves (including the 0794151) include bottom plug and spring assembly.
Replied on Jul 16, 2018 by Ron from Industrial Stores